contributors pageHi, I’m Larry the Lounge Lizard, and I’m the main moderator at this funky little blog. Besides enjoying swimming in the swamp of popular culture I work as a casual relief teacher and casual barista in a cafe. I also volunteer at sorting books at a St Vinnies store, which I love coz it gives me a chance to get my hands on cheap and good books! I love making lists, especially music  and book playlists. I’ve been obsessed with pop culture ever since I was a little snapper. You can usually find me hanging around the Entertain portal, just waiting for any tasty tidbits that come my way.

Contributor RussHi, I’m Russ, one of Larry’s many pals. and the main moderator of the Inform corner of the Swamp. My background is in media studies. I have taught it at High School. I’ve also been a 3RRR dj and Podcaster. Besides my B/ed in Media Studies and Language and Literature (at Rusden), I have a Graduate Diploma in Arts (Writing) from Swinburne Uni. I’ve recently finished writing a science fiction novel. and I’m honing my writing skills with some short stories, and contributing to the Critters writing workshop site – oh, and this blog. Mostly, I’m a media and pop culture obsessive like Larry. Hope you are too.

Contributor WillHi, I’m Will  Greeves, another contributor to Larry’s grand scheme, and mainly responsible for the Inspire corner of the Swamp. I play bass in a band called Grover’s Mill and do lots of internet stuff. I’ve written a graphic novel called Twisted Tales of Veronica Sixx and lots of mostly bad songs. I love doing machinimas using the Sims game software and others like it. I’m into Taoism, radical politics and keeping the bastards honest – well, actually, I’d rather just get rid of the bastards!

Contributor RuiHi. I’m Rui, a clapped out social worker by day, and an online activist by night. My current focus is on anything to do with personal and social transformation. How we can best transition from our current circumstances to creating better personal and social futures. My academic interests are in Anthropology, Political Theory, History, Sociology and Social Work theory and practice.

 My current interests are in exploring the opportunities of developing co-ops that enable people to transition to more democratic and liberating workplaces and communities.
Over the past 25 years I’ve worked in a range of social work roles with both government and non-government community based organisations across various sectors. My professional practice has mostly been around the refugee and asylum seeker as well as the aged care fields.
You can find me online at my LisMel Books site and on Facebook ; Twitter;Google+ “

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