Soundcloud Link for Podcast #17

After two weeks away, Rui and Russ are excited to report on the inaugural Democracy At Work Melbourne meeting, wherein the guys discuss proposals made and problems encountered. Then Russ regales with the story of his recent day in Melbourne where he attended Community Radio station 3RRR’s 40th Anniversary exhibition at the State Library, among other pursuits. The lads finish off with a round up of coming pop culture items of interest, including the latest season of Vikings, Adam Savage’s Tested program, and the new Alien Covenant and Ghost In the Shell films. There’s also some talk about the new Swamp blog initiative: Swamp Radio. Oh, Russ also talks about some of his ‘poichases’ made during his day in Melbourne. FYI they include a Buffy graphic novel and a Sixties Australian garage rock compilation. Rui merely plays with his dinghy…

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