Soundcloud Link for Podcast #18

This week Russ finally comes clean about his volunteer job sorting the books at a well-known Melbourne op shop franchise. Rui teases out the socio-political ramifications of it all, including Russ’s surprise confession that he seethes with resentment at the landlord who profits off his volunteer labour. But it’s not all bad, since Russ gets to buy a plethora of toothsome books at a very reasonable price (he prices them himself!) and he proceeds to give a rundown in this podcast of some of his ‘poichases’. They include Minipops (famous people drawn real small), The Portable Jung (edited by Joseph Campbell), Lords of Chaos (Scandinavian heavy metal church burning and murder), People Before Profit (kindly capitalist bequeaths his business to his workers) and a massive games walkthrough for Mass Effect 3. Russ reflects on cybersex and his failure to get his femme Shep character a date (much like his own life, really).

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