Soundcloud Link for Podcast #19

This week Rui reviews the film Thirteenth and discusses the Black Lives Matter issue. Russ takes us way back for a review of the old Jean Renoir film The Crime of Monsieur. Both swampsters then expound upon the issue of co-operatives, featured in that film. Russ then reviews the book Big Bosoms and Square Jaws, a biography of ‘commando film-maker’ Russ Meyers, with a particular focus on Faster Pussycat Kill Kill. Russ then talks about his recent attendance at the Box Hill Record Fair, where things got very swampy indeed. Two of his purchases, the Paul McCartney album Chaos and Creation, and Nick Drake’s Born To Love Magic are then reviewed by an enthusiastic Russ. The boys then visit the Inspire portal for a look at the David Bowie song You Feel So Lonely You Could Die, which Bowie seemed to suggest might make a fitting prologue to Ziggy Stardust. Chuck Berry is then given a sendoff. Chuck, you were only 90, we hardly knew ye.


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