Soundcloud Link for Podcast #23

In this episode Russ talks about some recent adventures in pop culture, including an account of a celebrity cricket match featuring the Stranglers and Kate Bush (she was the ‘opening pair’). Also, his discovery of a bourbon and coke drink called Ned sparks off a social political/historical rant from Rui, ending in an airing of the old Redgum song, Poor Ned. Elsewhere, Russ enthuses over the latest season of Dr Who and new discussion show Whovians. It being Anzac Day time, the boys also discuss the media’s obsession with war, and its almost complete apathy towards the more religious aspects of Easter. For the books segment, Russ and Rui discuss Buffy and Philosophy. Russ introduces the Platonic concept of Eudaimonism, and quickly re-dubs it ‘Undemonism’ in the spirit of Buffy.

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