Soundcloud Link for Podcast #24

Here it is: the segment that was too big to fit into our regular Swamp podcast. It’s the best and worst of all things Star Wars and all things Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movies. Two film franchises, two sets of trilogies, it’s a good time, a conversation starter. Russ and Rui pretend they’re in a pub, crapping on something shocking. Expect there to be fights, expect there to be blood – especially when the talk gets around to elf-babe Tauriel and that elf-dwarf romance with Kili. We hear the Goblin King’s breakout smash hit Down Down Down In Goblin Town (no, not a Status Quo song). Russ also gives a quick preview of his three and a half hour edit of Desolation of Smaug and Battle of Five Armies as one film. Hint: Radagast and those f—ing rabbits are gone!


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