Soundcloud Link for Podcast #27

Russ and Rui start off this podcast with a very Zen adventure in pop culture at a supermarket. Are you eating apples or junk food? Rui gets all angsty in his review of new TV show 13 Reasons Why. Russ just feels the pain with his review of The Walking Dead, season six. He also wonders about fake spoilers and why doesn’t Donald Trump do something about them? Rui then presents some egghead theories from that rich brat Elon Musk and details the scifi possibilities of human thoughts connected to cybernetics. Finally, feeling a new lease on life, and clutching his shiny new (and red vinyl) copy of Space Oddity, a cancer-free Russ relates his recent visit to Heartland Records and enumerates the many reasons he loves the Beach Boys and David Bowie. Expect tunes from those artistes.

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