Soundcloud Link for Podcast #35

After an extended hiatus the boys are back and as full of new adventures in pop culture as ever. Russ relates tales of his brother’s bad habit of buying dodgy crap from mail order magazines, and of an encounter with a beautiful woman on a train carrying something unusual under her arm. Rui then extemporises upon the phenomenon of TV advertising channels and ever more dodgy (and dangerous) takeaway delivery jobs. Russ rants about Malcolm Turnbull’s latest gaff in being unable to name a single AC/DC song, and does a riff on how politicians and media people are out of touch with the general public. Rui then builds up a head of steam dissecting the latest rounds of political idiocies, including the citizenship fiasco, the wage freeze and unpaid overtime, and comes up with an ingenious application for the recent gay marriage Yes vote referendum. The boys then enthuse about the recent documentary, Right Here, about that classic Australian band, the Go Betweens. Music by the Gobs, including The Obsessed and AC/DC (RIP Malcolm) is featured.

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