Top Ten Time Travel Novels

I was swamping around the Goodreads site the other day and came upon a list of best time travel novels, and so dear reader, I’ve decided to include my own favourites right here for your delectation. They are, in no particular order…

The Time Machine, by HG Wells

The classic. No self respecting time travel lister would leave it off their list. Did you know there are at least three sequels written by other authors? One of which is included in this list here…

The Man Who Loved Morlocks, by David Lake

Yes, the title is correct. When (or if ever) you read this you will see the sense in it.

Up the Line, by Robert Silverberg

A rollicking roller coaster of a book about a man caught in the timelines by his own obsessions. I identify hugely! Apparently Silverberg was suffering from depression when he wrote this. You wouldn’t know it!

The End of Eternity, by Isaac Asimov

One of Asimov’s most mature ‘early’ works.

Timescape, by Gregory Benford

Some fantastic ‘real physics’ from actual physicist Benford, with a moving and unusual take on time travel.

Behold the Man, by Michael Moorcock

A man travels back to the time and place of Jesus of Nazareth, and becomes him!

The Time Ships, by Stephen Baxter

This is one of the other sequels to Wells’ The Time Machine. Baxter has just recently done a sequel to Wells’ War of the Worlds too, called The Massacre of Mankind.

Tom’s Midnight Garden, by Philippa Pearce

A beautifulĀ children’s story of Tom’s visits to young Hattie, who lives in the past.

The Hollow Lands, by Michael Moorcock

This is the second part of Moorcock’s Dancers At the End of Time series, wherein young Jherek Carnelian seeks out his lost love Mrs Amelia Underwood throughout the timelines. Fanciful and whimsical fun.

Eye of the Timegate, by Russell Forden

All right, this one was added as a favour to Swamp contributor Russ, whose novel this is. God knows if it’s any good – I haven’t read it yet. But Russ tells me the paperback version is available on Amazon, and the ebook versions are coming soon.

And, bringing us back full circle, there will be two signed copies available as part of Goodread’s giveaway scheme as of November 27. (Okay Russ, can I have my fiver now?)

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