russ1Russ: The final portal is Transform, which builds on the ones that came before In terms of who we are and our roles. If at the surface level we’re seen as consumers, at the other end we’re deeply spiritual, intuitive beings who are hopefully engaging with life and constantly changing, transforming who we are all the time. And in order to do that you need to educate yourself by reading and just being inspired by what’s out there.

rui2Rui: Yeah, we were talking about that, making those choices. That picks up probably on all those other Swamp portals, working your way through them hopefully for someone who’s by the end at this Transform portal, maybe they’re not surfing Youtube watching funny cat videos, but might be getting something different maybe from a TED talk, or something else that does more than just entertain, but hopefully actually inspires them, hopefully gives them the potential to actually change, to transform themselves in some positive way…

from a podcast excerpt

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